Build Advice Computational server with AMD EPYC 7F72

Sep 1, 2020

I am in a real rush to get at system ready and I have questions for this forum. This is what I want to buy:

AMD EPYC 7F72 24C/48T 3.2/3.7GHz 192MB 240W
Samsung 32GB DDR4 REG ECC 3200MHZ 2R x4 (2G x 4) x 36
ASUS GeForce RTX 2060 Turbo
Single AMD Epyc 7002 ATX moderkort, 2x1GbE ( )
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB, NVMe M.2 80mm ( )
SC732D4 Mid-Tower chassis 900W 80+ Gold Audio/2x USB2, 2x USB3 front

I want to know:

1. Are all the components compatible? Take a really close look at the motherboard

2. Is there a problem with the motherboard being 100% PCI-e 4.0 and the GPU and storage being PCI-e 3.0?

3. What cooler should I get for the EPYC 7F72? I have yet received a reply from Noctua, but I suspect they have something...

4. From this site ( , I know, its in Swedish but this is where I am buying the stuff from...) , what other motherboard could fit the system? I need to keep all 8 memory channels. You can find the motherboards here :

Do you see any problems with the build? Nevermind that the GPU is slow compared to the rest of the system, I dont need the GPU computing power for my application.

Thank you for your help!