Question Computer acting strange.


Oct 6, 2014
Recently, my computer has been doing some weird stuffEach time I use chrome, I will be randomly brought back to the previous page if I click. Sometimes it stops for 5 minutes but resumes. Another problem I have is that I cannot click on windows or raise the task bar. I can't close programs or interact with them unless I press ctrl+alt+del. I've used malwarebytes to find any virus's or malware and have found nothing. If you could help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Check the add ons/extensions section of your browser settings and see if there are any unrecognized third party add ons there. Often adware and other undesirable malware-ish extensions will hide themselves there but will not be picked up by malware scanners because they look like legitimate browser extensions or add ons.

If that doesn't find anything, try completely uninstalling Chrome, and choose the option to NOT keep any settings or personal preferences, and then install a fresh copy of the latest Chrome version. Before doing so it would be a good idea to first export a backup of your Chrome bookmarks so you can import them back into Chrome afterwards.

If that doesn't fix the issue, then I'd suggest you might want to try one of the second opinion scanners like Rogue killer or TDSS killer to scan for rogue malware that doesn't get detected by standard scanners or for trojans. If you find one, I'd recommend doing a clean install of Windows because infections like that are almost impossible to completely get rid of and they have a tendency to hide out and then come back later.