Question Computer acting weird after a force restart


Dec 20, 2018
Hello. A couple days ago I was playing Dragon ball xenoverse (with fraps and MSI afterburner monitoring the hardware usage and fps in case this is important) and I alt + f4:d the game which basically froze my PC. I proceeded to press the reboot button on my computer case to resolve the situation, but after I got back to the Windows desktop I began noticing not everything was working correctly. Here are some of the symptoms I have encountered:
  1. Some of the USB ports don't work either for a while or at all. Especially my game controller and headset have trouble connecting and most of the time my headset is not recognized at all.
  2. Unable to install or uninstall software. Especially drivers. Executing programs works fine though.
  3. Upon selecting the shut down option in Windows the computer won't shut down. It will have a black screen for like 10 to 20 minutes after which it boots back to Windows. It is pretty much the same story if I select restart. Only way to actually turn off the system is to pull the plug or force shut down.
  4. Antivirus failing to update.
  5. Windows' clock displaying the wrong time.
  6. Once in every 20 reboots or so everything works about normally. Everything seems to be connected properly, I can fiddle with the software etc. but rebooting or shutting down breaks the camel's back again.
What I can gather is that Windows is behaving properly and that the problem is with the BIOS or the hardware. I am running the very latest BIOS for my motherboard (ASUS Z170-K) and have maxed out the chipset as well as the Intel ME drivers. My PSU (EVGA Supernova G2 650W) is just over two years old and if memory serves it ranked very well in the PSU tier list so I doubt (and hope) it has not given up on me yet. As for the other parts of my build I am running i7-6700, GTX 1080ti, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 2 SSDs, 1 HDD, Corsair hydro H45 CPU cooler and Corsair Carbide 100R silent edition for a case. To fix the wonky behaviour I have tried reinstalling the latest BIOS, reseting the BIOS, installing all the latest drivers from the motherboard's support site, removing the CMOS battery and taking the system (apart from the CPU) apart and letting it be for an hour before putting it back together and running Windows' system file check. Thus far I have had no luck getting my PC back in proper working order. Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.