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Dec 29, 2012
Hello. I am very new to computers and am am 15 and i just got a job and i am looking to buy a computer peace by peace. nothing crazy fancy just enough to get the job done. I have a nvidia 550 ti and i am satisfied with this. it is in my patents computer and i just need some guidance on what all to buy and in what order so i don't screw myself over and buy something that doesn't work together.

I also am looking for suggestions what products i should buy. I will be very Grateful for any help. Thank you for your time


First off, building a system piece by piece is a bad idea. You'll never know if any of your components are faulty until the entire system is purchased and built. Instead, save up until you can purchase the entire system. Prices are bound to change and new technology may usurp current industry standards.

In the meantime, look through the Tom's Hardware System Builder series of articles to find the price point (budget) you want to set. Determine how long it's going to take you to save up that much and when you're close, fill out the *How to Ask for New Build or Upgrade Advice* information.

-Wolf sends

Edit: That is the link that MrDownTownKiller intended to include.
I agree with Wolf trying to build a system piece by piece is not a good idea. You need to figure out what your budget is going to be based on what you are going to do with the PC. If you are gaming set a budget around $700 to $1000 minus the need for a GPU and go from there.