Question Computer and fans turn on, but no display is shown and the motherboard's VGA LED is illuminated ?

Jan 18, 2023
GTX 3060ti (1-3 months old)
I-7 8700k
2x16gb ram (brand new)
970 EVO plus 1 TB (barely 1 month old)
EVGA 1000w PSU (brand new)
MSI Z390 Gaming edge ac motherboard
1tb HDD and 500gb evo plus SDD

I had installed my new gpu and new ssd with no issues. It’s been a few months since and everything was running smoothly up until about a week or 2 ago. I went to restart my pc and this is when my pc would remain in an idle mode where it didn’t shutdown and restart like I expected. So, I decided to shut down manually and when pressing the power button, everything shut down instantly. When opening my computer up and booting the pc the next time, I noticed that there is a white led illuminated on the VGA port. This indicates a GPU issue but my new card has been running fine for months now and when installing my old card, the problem still persisted.
When resetting the CMOS/BIOS (pulling battery out and reinstalling), it seemed to momentarily fix the problem via the VGA light turned off and the BIOS prompt/loading screen showed up on my monitor, but remained frozen.

Any help to identify my problem would be greatly appreciated! I am reluctant to purchase a new motherboard unless I am sure it is the issue since I have already bought 2 brand new things that didn't solve my problem.