Aug 20, 2002
Hi guys,
Need some advice.
This is rather long winded and full of questions, so see if you can follow my logic and find any holes in it. Appologies in advance if you read this post in the soundcard forum.

My current computer is an AMD1.1 asusA73133 900mg RAM GF4Ti4200vivo Soundblaster live 2.1. I want to turn this system into a home entertainment system. And buy a new computer to be used as my work system.

I want the Home Ent computer to be able to burn and play DVD's, and play Mp3's/CDs, play emulated console rom games, and output to both a telivision (when its playing DVD's and emulating roms) and a monitor (when on the odd occasion it is needed for word processing).

To accomplish this I think I need to buy the following
logitech z680 5.1 speakers.
A Gigabyte G0-WO404A DVD burner.

One big question thats been bugging me is what am I going to do about a Sound card. The current SBlive is only 2.1 compatable which just wont do. Ill have to buy a 5.1 compatable soundcard so the DVD's can play at 5.1.
So Question 1.
Whats a good price/quality sound card that offers 5.1. Remember it needs to play only, not record. The logitech z680s have a decoder so should be able to detect the difference between 2.1 and 5.1 input.
I was looking at the Creative SB live DE 5.1 for $60AUS

Question 2.
Finally the last question deals with a TV out card. My current GF4ti4200vivo can do the job of a video out card to the TV. So I have 2 options.
1. Use the GF4 as a TV out card in my Home Ent system and buy a new video card for my Working computer. - expensive + my GF4 will do untill halflife2/doom3 comes out
2. Buy a Cheep 3dTVout card for my Home Ent system and keep the GF4 for my Work computer. Do they even make TV out cards anymore which are not part of a 3d card?



Feb 8, 2004
Heres my opinion: as far as the audio card goes, i recommend the tried and true Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. It can support up to 6 external speakers, and comes with handy software. My TB has served me well for nearly two years. You can find one at for around $50. I certainly wouldnt pay much more than this for a audio card.
As far as your video-card situation goes, why dont you put your GF4 in your entertainment computer and just pick up a cheap video card for you work machine? You dont have to break the bank to pick up a 32MB card that will handle spreadsheets/wordprocessing etc. In fact, you can pick up a Radeon 7000 (w/ TV out, by the way) for less than $40.