Computer auto disconnects from the internet?


Dec 21, 2011
I have no idea why this has been happening to my computer, but it's been happening quite frequently and I don't know if it is a software or a hardware problem. My desktop seems to disconnect from the internet whenever it feels like, no matter what I'm doing. Sometimes it happens as often as every few hours, or it may happen every 5 minutes, or sometimes even less than that. It'll also say that I'm still connected to the internet, which I'm not, as nothing that uses the internet will work. I'm running Windows 7. Does anyone know of some kind of fix I could do or any steps that I can take to cure this problem? Any help, especially help that fixes this problem is very much appreciated! :)

Just tell me if any more info is needed. :) Thanks in advance!



Oct 4, 2010
If your PC still shows connected that is telling you you're connection to your router is just fine, so its a problem either between your router and the modem you got from your ISP, or the problem is with your ISP itself.

What does your home connection look like? What devices do you have?