Computer Black Screen Crash, Fans 100%


Apr 4, 2017
I've had this problem for a while where my PC would crash at seemingly random times while gaming. At first, I'd hear a buzz, then the audio would continue playing but the monitor would lose connection and the fans would spin at 100%. This is extremely frustrating as it meant that I can't play any game without the risk of being abruptly interrupted. I've done everything I could find online. Updating drivers, cleaning the PC, tweaking settings, experimenting with some defective parts. My CPU and GPU temperature wise seem to be fine and not under any significant load. The only options I feel I have left are replacing some of the components in my PC. Here is my specs:

CPU: Intel i5-6500
GPU: RX580 4gb
Motherboard: ASUS B150M-C
PSU: EVGA 500W 80+

Personally, I think it is either a PSU or GPU problem and I'm crossing my fingers that its a PSU problem because I currently don't have the money to replace my GPU. I'm planning on buying a new Corsair 650W PSU, what do you guys think?


Could be the PSU.

Take a look at Reliability History/Manager and Event Viewer.

They may be capturing some reason(s) for the crashes.

Another thing you can do is to use Task Manager or Resource Monitor to observe your system's performance.

Watch for a while, leave the window open and slide to one side. Game as usual.

Play attention to open window especially when the buzz occurs. You may be able to see what is going astray.

If the number and nature of any problems varies then that would be symtomatic of a faling PSU.