Question Computer black screens and restarts when playing games ?

Oct 16, 2021
Hey y’all. Recently, I added some planteks halo rgb lights to my system. Upon turning upon my system, everything looked fine. However, when opening up some games (such as Destiny 2 or It Takes Two), I’ve run into a problem where my computer would:
-black screen
- the sound would stutter
-fans would ramp up and then slow down
-the system would restart
- the RTX 3080 FE logo would start flashing
-Bios loading screen and then windows login screen

I tried unplugging all the RGB. The problem still persists. I haven’t tried reseating anything because it was literally just a plug-in and go type of maintenance.

My system specs:
Case: FORMD T1 Case
Mobo: Auros B550i
PSU: Corsair Platinum 750w sfx
CPU: Ryzen 5600x
GPU: RTX 3080FE (with LINKUP 4.0 riser cable)
Storage: Sabrent 4TB (Mass storage) and Sabrant 500GB (Operating system).

These symptoms would sometimes happen during just normal web browsing. For games, this would happen in a couple minutes. I also made sure the phateks rgb light cable was seated and oriented correctly (12v) in the right slot. (Yes, I have read the instructions and manual for the motherboard).
Oct 22, 2021
I am having the same problem with my GPU, the first month of buying it was everything okay and after that when I run specific games like State of decay 2 or Velheim the screen turns into black and the GPU fans ramp up like full speed %100. I tried to add cooling fan I thought that fixed the problem, I was able to play for 2 weeks or so, then the problem back again but worse. Now even when I am not running games or anything the screen sometimes turns into black and the fans start ramping up and sometimes it turns into black without even fan sounds. I really don't know what's the actual issue here :( .