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Question Computer Blackscreens and Red CPU Light

Jun 24, 2020
Hi All,

Having a bit of an odd issue with my PC that I have had for about a month and can't work out the issue for the life of me.

Ryzen 5 3600
MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max
MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT Mech
Windows 10
Antec 750W Gold continuous power

My computer seems to randomly black screen, lose all USB power and graphic card power and I get the red CPU light on my motherboard. The fans in the case still spin and the red RAM lights are still on but I can't do anything and need to kill the power to get the computer restarted. It will then restart normally and work fine. I have stress tested the CPU at 100% load for 3 hours and it was a stable 65 degrees celcius without issue. I can be playing high load games for several hours and then it will randomly crash like this. The only correlation that I can see to the crashes is that it seems to be on loading screens but they seem to be getting more frequent.

So far I have tried:

Swapping RAM Slots
Reseatting CPU
Updating CPU BIOS
Updating graphic drivers
Checked power supply cables were fitted right

All to no avail.

Getting pretty lost for ideas here. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.