Question Computer bluescreened after GPU driver update, few days after power outage.

Jun 11, 2021
Hey so I had a power outage the other day while I was using my PC and it shut down. I have a surge protector so I figured it would be fine. This may be circumstantial to be fair but it happened not too long ago. I downloaded my GPU drivers from Geforce experience and while I was installing the driver my pc hit the blue screen and restarted. No data was lost, everything is working properly. Also a day ago Chrome crashed out of random but I figured it was a chrome issue. I checked my bios and everything is working fine and I have had no other issues with my computer as I have been playing games no problem for the days after the outage.

It could be nothing but it does worry me about my computer because I built it myself and I wouldn't want it to break or anything because a lot of work went into the computer. If anyone has any advice that would be great or knowledge to ease my mind.