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Question Computer booting straight to bios after I swapped CPU..

Aug 1, 2021
So today I bought a Ryzen7 5800x. At first it wouldn’t work so I troubleshoot a few different things. Eventually I updated my BIOs with my old cpu and then swapped it back to the new one and it booted right up. But now I’m running into the issue that it won’t boot past bios and it’s not showing my M.2 as a boot drive… But still recognizes it when you look in the system configuration and also device test.. I’ve hit a brick wall on what to do next to fix this issue. I tried putting in my usb windows boot drive but it just shows a blurry screen and won’t go to bios. I’m out of option.
Aug 1, 2021
did you restore default settings in the bios after the booting the second CPU

Not sure how to restore them to default, but i've tried swapping my 2 m.2s and rehooking everything back up. I just put back in my old cpu and it booted up with 0 issues.


Dec 30, 2018
PCI-E M.2WDBlack SN750 - WDS500G3X0C2280Gen3500GB
PCI-E M.2WDBlack SN750 - WDS500G3XHC2280Gen3500GB
this is what I could find that where compatible with the board in relation to your storage device on the manufactures website of your MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge, Hear is some function keys that you can press once in the bios

Function key
F1: General Help list
F2: Add/ Remove a favorite item
F3: Enter Favorites menu
F4: Enter CPU Specifications menu
F5: Enter Memory-Z menu
F6: Load optimized defaults
F7: Switch between Advanced mode and EZ mode
F8: Load Overclocking Profile
F9: Save Overclocking Profile
F10: Save Change and Reset*
F12: Take a screenshot and save it to USB flash drive (FAT/ FAT32 format only).
Ctrl+F: Enter Search page
* When you press F10, a confirmation window appears and it provides the modification
information. Select between Yes or No to confirm your choice.