Question Computer boots, but no display

Jul 25, 2019
My family has a computer running windows 8 home. Just the other day we booted it up and the Powerspec logo came up, but after a few seconds the monitor goes to sleep as there is no signal coming from the computer. The boot menu and bios features work fine, but the O.S. won't display. Since the logo and boot menu comes up, the graphics card must be ok.

We bought a new display cable as the old one was falling apart and we used a different monitor, but it still didn't fix the problem. When I turn off the computer I notice it takes a while and the hard drive activity light flickers. The computer did the same when the display was working so this must mean windows actually boots up, even though it won't display. It's like the drivers for the built in graphics card suddenly don't work.

I then Inserted a Nvidia graphics card from my computer, but the computer just shuts down immediately after starting up, as if the PSU cannot support the new cardd. I was wondering if the best choice is to repair the computer (without loosing files) from the windows 8 installation disk. I hope someone can help.

Powerspec g178
Windows 8 home
8gb ram
Intel i7 running at 3.5ghz
Graphics card must be intel,the monitor uses an hdmi output on the back of the PC
Boot drive is an ssd, there is an extra drive that is a hdd
Bought in 2013 (just wanted to note that it wasn't a cheap computer then)
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