Question Computer boots to black screen after shut off or long sleep. It fixes itself after multiple reboot attempt by clearing bios. Any suggestions?

Nov 18, 2020
Long story short, my Tuf x570 gaming plus WIFI boots to a black screen. The motherboard lights flash on the graphics card step, my 5700xt graphics card connected to my pci4.0 lane. The computer eventually boots, but only after clearing the bios entirely.

Things I have tried and ruled out
  • Changed the CMOS battery
  • Changed the HDMI cable
  • Clean wiped my motherboard, and filed an RMA, got it back. No issue with it
  • Updated fresh drivers for vga and monitor Dell s2719DGF
  • Fresh new install of windows
  • Boot without DOCP
  • Boot without Freesync
  • Card is seated and plays game once loaded (Although I keep getting crashes while playing warzone, so the error may be related. This is also even after re-downloading the game thrice from scratch)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to debug this build for 5 months now. It was working fine initially then it started behaving this way randomly.
Any similar issue could also be useful. Please help, I am dying with frustration.
Dec 18, 2020
Hey there, I also experience black screens on cold boot with 5700 XT, it only happens when my pc has been off for a few hours. I should mention that the black screen appears a few seconds after user login (Windows desktop).

To get rid of the black screen I need to hard reboot the pc but it boots fine after that, I have never seen two black screens in a row.

I have managed to fix this issue temporarily by installing the AMD driver through device manager, using 7zip to extract the files from installer and when doing this I haven't experienced any black screen. At this point I believe that my issue got something to do with the Radeon software.

Please let me know if you managed to solve your issue.

Best Regards