Computer built for intel q9450 (moderate gaming/CAD)


Mar 14, 2009
I have two intel quad core q9450's (2.66 GHz) and i just would like to know which parts i should buy to accomadate this processor. I will be using this computer mostly for CAD, some games and movies, and as a number cruncher (mathematica). So far I have come up with this list of parts:

Antec P182 case
GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard
150 GB velociraptor
some kind of ATI 4770 card

I'm not sure what kind of PSU I should get, maybe 450W, but I'm not sure if that will be enough for two graphics cards (I may end up getting two graphics cards for crossfire later on). Also if I will get two graphics cards, will the 1x PCIe 16x + 1x PCIe 8x in the gigabyte motherboard be a problem?
I intend to use windows 7 and Vista Ultimate 64-bit, so if anyone has issues with that motherboard I'd appreciate if you posted....
I already have a screen, mouse, keyboard, DVD drive.
Almost forgot, I want this computer to be as quiet as possible, and within say, $700 (not including the processor).
Thanks for your advice!
A 450 watt psu would work but usually it better to have psu's running at low stress.

How about a corsair 650 TX instead .

The mb and case are excellent choices

I wouldnt bother with a velociraptor . A WD 640 black series is almost as fast as well as much bigger and a lot cheaper . Hard drive speed affect loading times by a few seconds so the VR isnt worth it IMO .

The 4770 is a good basic choice for gfx card ... but if its enough depends on your monitors resolution . Up to 22 inch LCD it should be ok for casual gaming . If you use 2 in crossfire you wont have any issues with the pci-e slots running at 8 x and you will be able to raise the gfx quality settings .
Currently all 4770's are identical reference models .

4 gig of RAM . 800 MHz , 1.8 volts and 4-4-4-12 timings


Aug 7, 2007
I'm impressed you have two Q9450's, nice position to be in!

I bought an Antec P182 because of it's sound proofing and chambered design. It's a fairly expensive, but nice mid-tower case. For quiet stuff silentpcreview is a good site to check.

Just check whether CUDA enhancement is available for CAD programs as you might then want to look at an NVidia GPU.