Computer Built. Just need my video card!


Sep 11, 2003
Damn, I've got a computer all built, but the only thing I'm missing is a video card! I expected the 9600 XT to be out already, as that is the card that is most recommended. But can anybody give me some kind of estimate? I've looked EVERYWHERE for a date, or some kind of hint, and ATIs site is useless.
Anyone have some inside information or telepathic ability? Cause I'm really considering just skipping the wait and just buying the 9600 Pro..

- Seth[money]
Stick with the R9600Pro unless they do respin the XT and put better memory on it.

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I suggest the 9600 Pro. If you want more speed, overclock it. The Pro cores can usually do around 500MHz (stock speed for the XT), and the RAM can actually clock HIGHER than that of the XT.

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