Question Computer Can No Longer Anti Alias


Oct 2, 2013
Hi Everybody,

My computer has lost it's ability to anti alias. This has been the case since last two years. People on all forums tend to call us crazy for complaining about anti aliasing but trust me, I have been gaming on PC since 10 years and I know how an aliased and anti aliased image appears.

System Specs when the issue occurred:
Processor: i5 7500 (No OC)
Motherboard: MSI Mortar B250M
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 8GB
HDD: Western Digital 1TB Blue
GPU: Asus Strix 1060 6GB
PSU: Corsair VS 650
Monitor: Dell 60HZ 900P monitor

What Happened: Power failure caused the system to shut down. When I turned the system back on, it could no longer anti alias games or videos. Anything with thin line started to shimmer and get jagged.
My games appeared like this
even with highest AA settings on.

What I changed in my computer:
Processor: Didn't change
Motherboard: Didn't change
RAM: Didn't change
HDD: Didn't change
GPU: Replaced with new unit
PSU: Changed with Corsair CX 650M
Monitor: Changed to LG IPS 1080P monitor

Solutions tried:
Completely wiping the hard drive
Fresh windows installation
Changing PCIE slot
Playing around with Nvidia Control Panel
Playing around with Nvidia Inspector
Forcing Anti Aliasing using Reshade
Replacing Hard Drive
Replaced all cables
Changed power sockets

Solutions not yet tried:
Changing CPU and Motherboard

My suspicion: CPU.

Any help would be appreciated. Please don't call me a fool because I know what I and many other people with the similar issue have been going through.