Question Computer can no longer play games that I used to be able to play perfectly

Feb 3, 2021
When I first got my computer in September 2019 I could, essentially, play any game I wanted to. The main game I wanted to play, and could, was Total War: Warhammer 2. I used to be able to play this game on high, or ultra, graphics, with basically no noise coming from my computer, or seemingly any issues with over using my CPU. However, I bought and played AC: Odyssey in May 2020. Using the default graphic choices, I was able to play the game fine. My computer made a lot of noise, but nothing that should normally be worrisome, I think (it wasn't scratching or anything, seemed like the fans were just working, maybe a bit to hard). To my dismay, while playing my computer would randomly shut off, and I didn't know why. I had someone look at it and they upgraded the power from a 600W to 750W, but the same issue persisted. Going back to TWW2, I used to be able to play it, like, I started off being able to play with the best graphics, but over time I found that it too would start making my computer shut off. Eventually, I just could not play the game at all, even with the minimum graphic settings possible. I don't know if I hurt my CPU/GPU/motherboard or what not. I just don't know what I could do to fix it, and the guy I had look at it really didn't know either. Sorry if this is worded poorly, I'll try and clarify if anyone has questions abt the situation.


Processor: Intel® Core i7-9700KF
Motherboard: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming
Memory: 8GB x 2 DDR4-3000MHz Adata XPG
Video Card: Gigabyte OC GeForce RTX 2060 - 6GB GDDR6
Power Supply: EVGA 750 W
Processor Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H60
It would help if you'd describe in detail, or better yet, upload a video taken up close so we can see/hear where this sound you're referring to is coming from, and what it sounds like. It could be a wire on your fan is sticking out and hitting the fan blades as they spin. Were it something like that, the wire could even get cut over time, and stop one or more of the fans from spinning.

You haven't really given us much to go on though. Do some monitoring of FPS, and temps, frequencies, and usage percentage of both your CPU and GPU using MSI Afterburner, with those values set to show onscreen while playing.
Dec 31, 2020
Might indeed be a temperature problem. CPU might be overheating and the shut-off is a protection against damaging your computer.

You can try to install MSI Afterburner or a software of the sort to monitor your system under load and see whether a component is overheating.