Computer case from scratch


Aug 12, 2003
I'm getting ready to build a new case for a current computer. It's not 100% from scratch - what I'm doing is taking an item that has some personal significance to it, and modding it to become a computer case. The item is made of a high-quality impact-resistant plastic, and I was wondering if there were any special considerations I need to take, since the case is plastic. Also, I've wasted a lot of my time looking for custom case web sites, since most of them are trash or pop-up traps. Does anyone have the address for a good site with the pertinent information? And as always, any extra advice regarding my project is always welcome. Thanks!

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Wow, creating a computer from a solid chunk of plastic...that's a lot of scratching! Joke, funny, really...never mind.

Plastic doesn't conduct heat well, make sure you have good ventilation. Also your computer might interfere with radio devices in your house.

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Jun 22, 2004
I would recommend they have some good modders on their forums. Also just keep in mind when you build this that most cases vent a lot of heat through their metal sides, and that plastic doesn't conduct heat nearly as well. So be sure to make room for some case fans!

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Oct 14, 2003
plastic is a finiky material to work with, it does not have any grain structure to keep it solid like wood or metal. so you have to think your construction through very carfully. (go to home depot and see how much "L" brackets cost, those will be your best bet for solidness)

also, some plastics can become very weak when heated by only a small amount. do some stress and heat testing on your material before you build.

and if the radio interference, that crashman was talking about, becomes a problem; you can line the inside of your case with window screening. it should make it go away or at least minimize it.

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