Computer chair, what do you use?


Oct 14, 2012
Im looking for a decent chair, less than 150$ if can be helped. I am a Fair sized individual so those little off to college desk chairs prolly wont do it for very long. Any suggestions? Also, Im an mmo/ rts junkie, I do take breaks but sitting for an hr+ happens.
Hi :)

I use a £200 EXECUTIVE chair I bought around 6 years ago... its very comfortable so had the leather recovered when it wore out...

There is ONLY one trick in buying a chair for a gamer who will probably sit in it for hours at a time.... TRY IT BY SITTING IN IT....first.... do not buy it online...

All the best Brett :)
yep best go to a business supply shop then take what you find there and order that online. as it will likely be much, much cheaper.
i got my chair like this... the shop wanted 350 for it i managed to get it for 175 online and it had an extra tilt function that the 1 in the shop didnt have so bargain...
Back Chair 206D -Executive- Orthopaedic Office Chair currently the base model is 22o but with added featurs it can go up to 330+.
i guess i was lucky as it got this model way way cheaper from a catalog returns shop.