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Apr 13, 2021
So as the title says, my computer won't stop freezing at random times. It doesn't shut down, it doesn't show BSOD. It just freezes totally and doesn't come back. I could be rendering some heavy image, playing games, letting the computer idle, and even on startup or windows update loading screens. I've tried a lot of checks but nothing could give me any hints on how to fix this problem.
I'll leave the specs at the end and specifying if any was changed or what computer they belong to

What I tried when the freezes started was running some commands in the cmd to search for issues such as sfc, CHKDSK, DISM.exe, and a memory test (can't remember the name, sorry) that worked on reboot and displayed a blue screen with white characters and a progress indicator. I hadn't any results (I mean, sfc actually found and fixed something but the problem wasn't solved), so my next step was reinstalling windows completely.
I made a backup of my old files, formatted the partition and reinstalled windows (more than once actually because I accidentally first installed 32-bit win10. Even so, I formatted again so still the partition was clean). The problem persisted but I could manage to run some more tests. I installed HWMonitor, Cinebench and CrystalDiskInfo. CDI said my disks were all fine. HWMonitor showed there wasn't any overheating going on. Cinebench ran all the way through with no issues. I also ran TronScript and Malwarebytes Premium trial scan. The machine became unusable after a few days because it would start freezing on start. What I did then was open my case and clean my entire computer from inside.
I cleaned the ram and pci sockets with a clear brush and a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust. That actually worked, but only for a bit, because that made the computer usable for a day only. Then it would start freezing more and more again. I tried my one ram stick on all four sockets and it was the same as before: problem fixes for a short time and then comes back.
In those intervals when my computer was usable I ran even more tests. I tried to use some Ultimate Boot CD (can't remember whole name but had something else than that) but couldn't use it as intended. The pendrive had some programs I was able to run with a running machine though, so I tried one. It was the S&M stress test. I ran it on medium so it didn't take too much time and nothing showed up. Then I tried the long test but the machine froze before it could finish (retried more times but it kept freezing).
One thing to mention is that sometimes my computer would turn on but display nothing and I wouldn't be able to turn it off with the power button. I had to disconnect power to turn it off. This problem happened two or three times
Then I tried even more tests. I have a second computer here (specs below) so I started replacing components to find the faulty one. It wasn't having any problems. My first move was interchanging the RAMs. Both were the same model. When I did that, both computers started freezing, but right now as I'm writing this, my secondary computer is running with both of the RAMs that gave me errors, so I don't know anymore what is happening with them. Then I interchanged the RAMs again (faulty one on primary computer, "working one" on secondary) and the secondary computer worked fine again. Then I placed the GPU from my primary computer in the secondary one. I had to replace the PSU too because my secondary computer's PSU isn't enough for my primary GPU. Then tried the secondary computer with my primary GPU and PSU and everything worked just fine. It wasn't until I interchanged RAMs that there weren't any problems. With my primary ram it started freezing again so the problem was seemingly already spotted and ready to solved, so I had to buy a new RAM.

I purchased 2x 4GB DDR3 - 1866 CL10 240 - Pin UDIMM Kingston HyperX Fury

But that solved the problem for one day. Today my computer is still freezing and my secondary computer is running just fine with the other two RAMs.

While writing this from my laptop, my computer is frozen again. I had Event Viewer running and HWMonitor. Temperatures are 38°C for motherboard mainboard (max 30°C), 45°C for motherboard CPU (max 46°C), 25% for system memory (max 33%), Package and CPU temperatures 30°C (max 38°C (sometimes here in maximum it shows 120+°C)), and overall processor utilization 2% (max 83%). It also turned off directly when I tried to open the Event Viewer for the first time. The second worked but then froze like always. The issue in which I turn on my pc but there is no display happened again, but this time I'm able to turn it off with the button. HDMI didn't move so I don't know what happened here.
Another update of things I'm doing while writing. I restarted it a few more times changing the RAM sockets and it no longer lets me shut down the pc with the power button. No display was shown with the restarts.
And after a few more things (removed and placed again the GPU twice and trying replacing the mother battery) the pc still doesn't show any display, the GPU fans do turn on and it now lets me shut it down with the button after a few shutdowns turning off the PSU power.

I don't know what to do, I'm very low on budget and I need this computer to work because the secondary one is used by more members of my family and I don't have access to it like I have (or used to have) in my primary one. Please help me.

Thanks in advance. Here are the specs.

Primary computer:
6-core AMD FX-6300. Shows 3792MHz on HWM.
Msi Armor AMD Radeon RX570 4GB GDDR5 (the rest of my computer is DDR3 but this worked just fine for at least one year and a half).
Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W
2x 4GB DDR3 - 1866 CL10 240 - Pin UDIMM Kingston HyperX (new RAMs. Currently it runs using only these two. They are in sockets of the same color).
1x 8GB DDR3 1333 Kingston 1.5v kvr16n11/8 (It's the same as my secondary computer's. Currently my secondary computer runs 2x this model and my primary one 0x, only the previous ones. When the problems started my primary computer only had 1x this one).
Can't access my mother model because I don't have the box and I can't turn on the computer to see.
Disk 1 (the one that has the C: disk): HDD Seagate Skyhawk 2TB
Disk 2: HDD WD Blue 1TB

Secondary computer:
4-core AMD Phenom II 955
AMD Radeon R7 200 Series
NZXT 500W 80 Plus Gold
1x 8GB DDR3 1333 Kingston 1.5v kvr16n11/8 (currently 2x)
Gigabyte 970a-DS3P

Edit: Forgot to say that these specs used to work before. Nothing (besides the RAMs I bought to fix the problem) is new.

Edit 2: Forgot disk specs.
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