Question Computer crash - Colored/Blank screen, especially during games.


Oct 15, 2017
My computer has been crashing recently, both my screens go blank (full single color, takes color from background) and sound usually continues, at least for a while. Sometimes the screen goes back to normal, sometimes it requires a restart. Inputs during blank-out dont do anything (i.e. its not a monitor thing).
This happens at various times, sometimes as soon as I start the computer, though I usually get to log in to windows. It very often crashes when I launch a game. I restart the computer a few times, and suddenly it will work fine for the rest of the session.

I traveled home for Christmas, and brought my computer with me.
I then proceeded to change my RAM (but the new ones I got for Christmas had the wrong speeds, so I had to change back). Basically taken it in and out. I have pressed and made sure all my 4x4gb sticks are in, and windows recognizes that I have all my 16gb ram connected.
I also added a m2 SSD. I currently only have a couple of games on it. So no changes to my SSD that Windows is on.
I had to take my GPU in and out when installing the m2 SSD.

The computer worked fine while I was home, but the problems started right after I had transported the computer back to my apartment.
Seeing as the problems didnt come before I had moved the computer back again, it might be hardware related.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing my problems?
Thanks :)