Question Computer crash linked to Gpu

Oct 8, 2020
Hello Everyone and thanks in advance for the advice !

I've got a problem relating to crashes and blue screens and I believe its linked to the Gpu but cant figure out how and why my guess right now is that its problems with either the PCI slots or the motherboard as a whole.

It started a while back with my old 650w psu old harddrives, old ram and the Amd Gpu. It ran good for a couple years then it started with blue screen "thread stuck in device driver" Also loud stattic sound would come in the headphones then the blue screen would crash midway through. After that started happening i began replacing my Psu to the Corsair CX 750M but the problem would persist. After that I tried replacing my Ram with new and better the corsair vengeance pro. Still would persist. After that I tired replacing the Amd Gpu with the Geforce 1080 and the problem would completly change and when it happened also. The problem would go from blue screens and random times to hard crashes and the computer would just shut down immediately in Certain games. There would no longer be a blue screen just a insta turned off computer. Lastly i Tried replacing my storage devices with a single new ssd with a fresh windows installment but the problem would persist with fresh windows and just newest drivers and a single game installed. Ive tried Cleaning out the computer and all temps look good. It happens in load but temps can be as low as 40 degrees on both Cpu and Gpu. And if i try changing my Gpu back to the Amd one it will revert my problem back to blue screens with "Thread stuck in device driver". Also got the latest bios available.

So the problem seems to be connected to the Gpus but cant figure out why. Can it just be a broken motherboard, bad PCI slost(Tried both that the gpus can fit in) or just happen I got two broken Gpus?
  • Motherboard: Asus z97-a
  • CPU : Intel i7 4790k
  • GPU : GeForce® GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8G , Also Sapphire radeon 290
  • RAM Corsair Vengeance Pro 1600 mhz 2x8GB. Also tried with single hyperX fury 8Gb stick
  • Storage Device 480 GB kingston ssd, Also tried with 120Gb kinston ssd + 1Tb hdd
  • Cooling Small aftermarket heatsink with fan(cant find box) also tried with stock cooler
  • PSU Corsair CX 750M, Also tried with older 650w psu