Question Computer Crashes and makes a buzzing sound


Dec 31, 2021
I've run into this issue many times under different circumstances and tried to fix it but recently I've been able to replicate the problem. This has happened either when I'm playing two particular games (Div Orginal Sin 2 or Valheim) at random times and has not happened on any other game. Some of which are graphically intensive. I've recreated the issue when running a benchmark with UserBenchMark ( Exactly at the very end of the cube shooting portion when the score is revealed, the computer screen will turn black and make a buzzing sound through the speakers/headphones. At this stage, the screen is completely black, the fans go wild, and my monitor says "no input". I've waited this out for a few minutes and the buzzing noise stopped and the music started playing again. GPU and CPU temps are not high when this happens. I have to manually restart the computer.

I've had this issue happen before but the screen turned white or green and stayed like that for a long time before the monitor shows "no input".

Here is what I've found through Event Viewer: View:

Seems like the issue is the GPU error nvlddmkm Event ID 14. There's a thread on it here but it seems to be focused around folks who have AMD CPUs and Nvidia GPUs.

System Specs:
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz
RAM: 16 GB
Windows 10 64 bit

Just downloaded a BIOS update, seems like the mobo hasn't had an update in 5 years so will give it a shot.


Feb 17, 2021
If this is still happening, try restarting your graphics driver with WIN + CTRL + Shift + B to see if that works. also, are you monitoring your gpu temperatures before this happens?