Question computer crashes and makes a noise and reboots

Feb 11, 2019
Hello, I'm new here in the forum I made an account since none of the other forum posts did not help me

I have an fx-6300 and a GTX 960 and a generic 550 watt power supply. I've already run stress tests on the GPU and CPU individually and the PC does not shut down but when it runs some game the PC simply crashes it makes a noise and restarts(only in games like skyrim or bf3 but games like battlerite or paladins its runs normal and dont crash) the event Windows Log says fatal error Power Kernel 41 already the dumpfile says image File Authentic AMD I will leave the files here for you to have a look
CPU: fx-6300 3.5 (no oc , turbo core disable)(temp sensor i think its bugged)
GPU: msi GTX 960 gaming 4gb
Mobo: m5a78l-m lx/br
RAM: 2x Kingston 4GB 1333Mhz DDR3
PSU: Generic 550w
Win 10 ...
Most Recent dumpfiles link (google drive)
I think its my generic psu i am right?

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