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Question Computer crashes and then motherboard won't boot until I re-install the cpu fan


Jun 21, 2021

I have setup a new desktop with core i9 and Asus Z490-A motherboard. It crashes sometimes and then it won't turn ON. Motherboard has green led light ON and other LED light in tower is working fine. I tried to re-install things on motherboard and then noticed that it worked and turned ON. Next time again it happened after few days, and this time, I just took off the CPU fan and restarted and it worked. So I turned it off again and put the fan back and it still works fine.
Now what could be the problem here? is CPU fan is the problem or the way it's installed is the problem?
Note: the cpu fan is attached to a metal backplate on the motherboard to hold the cpu and not sure if that is doing some short-circuit. But it works few days and then crashes.
Please suggest what should I try here? or what could be faulty?
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