Computer Crashes during high intense apps/games.


Jan 29, 2009
Mobo: Asus P5Q Deluxe
CPU: Intel COre 2 duo 2.8g
PSU: Thermaltake Tough Power 600W
RAm: 4gb Kingston
Case: Thermaltake M9D
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium/Ubuntu

So my problem is that the computer will black out and reboot during games, and graphically intense applications. I have contacted the store that i have bought the parts from and they have advised me that it may be the applications (****), the PSU, or the overheating of CPU or GPU. I have a feeling that it may be the PSU, as it is like a power cut when the system crashes. Could it also be a safety precuation for the CPU or GPU? as i have been monitoring these and they do seem to be okay. I am sure it is not the applications as it is happeining frequently throughout many apps, including the visual effects of Ubuntu linux.

Any help would be appreciated as i am considering buying a new PSU and I want to be sure that is the problem.
Cheers :wahoo:


Jan 20, 2009
uhm your cpu looks fine though thermal take isnt the best.

uhm is your ram voltage too high

are your cables being managed?

did you check real temp to see if you were overheating
Start a game you ussaly play then play for like 5 minutes and then Minimize the game and look at real temp to see your tempatures,

I heard the 4850 had some problems with heat and that ati realeased a driver so that you can change the fan speed of your card

If it is too hot during your games i would suggest turning your gpu fan up


Dec 29, 2007
Download: Rivatuner, then configure the fan speed of the GFX card to 50% and try to play a game. If it still crashes, increase it to 60% and try again. Once you can determine that it is definetly not the Vid, then you can focus on other variables (ie adding more fans to the case). The PSU is fine, the RAM is what I'm a little leery of (Kingston lately has been less than trash).
Also I hope those aren't 4x1GB sticks (many motherboards have issues with this config).

Also if you are really worried about the CPU temps, pick up one of these:
$37 Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, an excellent budget CPU cooler.

A suggestion to replace the RAM with is this:
$40 2x2GB DDR2 800 G.Skill, even better you won't have to mess with the voltages for this RAM.