Computer Crashes Every Time I Play a Game


Dec 27, 2015
Hello, recently I've ran into a very frustrating issue with my computer and I'm not sure if it's my hardware, or system. About 3 months ago I got an update to my computer that contained a new mobo, and processor. The processor was a core i3 6100. I also picked up a new fan to go in the back of my pc, since I have an outdated case there is no fan space in the front. About ten minutes after I started to play a game for the first time, a blue screen appeared giving me the issue why it occurred. I persisted to try to play games and restart my pc every time, it would sometimes give me random errors, but most of the time it would say "ERROR: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT". I have an old r7 260x card which always did the job but I'm afraid it could be done for. I then went out and bought a new 600 watt supply which is surely fine for my pc, opposed to my other 450 watt one that I thought may not have been cutting it. It continued to crash. So then I decided to put a house fan pointed towards the air wholes in my pc, which aloud me to play games for long periods of time until recently. Now whenever I start a game even with the fan going it crashes immediately. Please help me, I'm very frustrated. Thank you!

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