[SOLVED] Computer crashes/freezes while exporting project

Dec 6, 2020
I have had an issue on my rig where it will either completely crash or the video output will go out and the cpu light on my motherboard will light up. This only happens when i am exporting something i edited. It has happened in two different editing programs too: VDSC and Shotcut. This only started happened about a month ago.

I have already made sure my drivers were up to date and they weren't so I updated them. Before i updated my PC would just completely turn off but after I updated It the display would go out and the fans and light would stay on.

I dont know if this matters but the editing programs were stored on the HDD and that was also where I was exported them too; the SSD and HDDs have more than 50% free space on them
Also using the Windows Game Bar i noticed my CPU usage was at 100% while exporting using VDSC but i havent tested it with Shotcut yet.

My Specs:
Ryzen 7 2700X with Ventroo V5 cooler
MSI Gaming Plus Mobo
Oloy 2x8 GB ddr4 3000Mhz
500GB m.2 + 500GB HDD x2
GTX 660 Ti

Anyone have any idea what is happening or how to fix it?