Question Computer crashes on 3D games

Mar 22, 2019
Quick Clarification:

What I call crashing is the computer physically cutting power and rebooting by itself.

While this is not a recent issue (Computer stopped working for a full 4 months in 2015) frequent crashing has been becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, as I've been crashing in LoL after the first 5 minutes of the game, and Getting Over It stops working after around 15-20 minutes.

I recently upgraded the from a Radeon HD 7700 Series to an RX 570, but the issue existed before said upgrade. (There were some driver issues, but eventually, I just got the generic drivers, and it fixed everything)

This only happens on 3D games, I can run Brawlhalla for days, and interestingly enough, I can do 3D renders and modeling in Blender without any problems.

Some forums recommend I turn off hyperthreading, but others say that it does nothing to cause crashes, and would slow down on 3D games.

My thermals are fine, I'm idling at 50 Centigrade, and maxing out at 70 on load.

I can't find any problems with the physical side of the computer, and software isn't my thing, and I was wondering if any of you guys would happen to know what's wrong/how to fix it.

Thank you for your time. (I wasn't sure if I should post this here or on CPUs, because those are the only things that would cause an automatic reset to my knowledge)

Important Specs: (Can see the rest on my profile)

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2
CPU: i7-860