Question Computer Crashes Randomly

Dec 17, 2019
My computer is crashing randomly, sometimes it gives Error Code and sometimes it just restarts. The Error Code I have received are Kmode Exception Not Handled, Page Fault in Non-Pages Area, IRQL Not Less or Equal etc... I have played some games with High Graphic, and these are working fine.

Recently I have upgraded my PC with Radeon RX 470 Nitro, 128GB SSD & 500W PSU.

What I tried
  • I removed the latest of AMD for my Graphic and let Windows 10 to get the drivers of Graphics Card of himself.
  • I updated Windows 10
My PC Information
CPU: AMD FX-6120 (Six-Core Processor)
Motherbaord: AsusTeK CM1855
8 GB Ram (3.92 GB Usable)
Radeon RX 470 Graphics (4GB)
Windows 10 (10.0.18363 Build 18363)

Update 1
I'm running both CPU and GPU benchmark. CPU benchmark successfully completes but computer restarts while running GPU benchmarking. If it is GPU related issue then why it sometimes gives Windows Error Code?

Update 2
I'm running Heaven Benchmark 4.0, and at first, my PC hanged and on the second attempt, some frames were glitched.
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Did it happen before or after your upgrade?

Reset the BIOS by jumper clrCMOS or JBAT or similar (eventually you will have to set the bios priority correctly after that)

check windows integrity
open the command prompt as administrator and type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

clean boot

check the memory by running usb autoinstaller (bootable USB flash drive)

check the hard drive for errors with its manufacturer´s tool

use ddu uninstaller and reinstall the latest graphics driver