Question Computer Crashes when under Graphics Load


Jun 23, 2009
Here are my symptoms:

My old video card crapped out quite badly. Screen would be glitchy whenever PC would boot up . Fine.

Switched to integrated graphics in the meantime. Worked for a week or two, then the system wouldn't post (Post Code B2). This was a graphics initialization post code, and would occur after bios loaded but before Windows 10 would load.

OK, so I started replacing components. Replaced Graphics Card, Motherboard, RAM, Power Supply, CPU.

Eventually got PC to boot up. Key Symptom: It would crash almost immediately after Windows 10 would load. If I was able to boot in Safe Mode, the computer would remain on indefinitely. So I've assumed there was a graphics driver issue.

I re-installed the graphics driver without successful luck, and eventually did a complete fresh install of Windows. Key Symptom: With a fresh copy of Windows 10, the PC will boot up, load Windows, and appears stable, but as soon as anything graphically intensive loads (i.e. start a game), the system will crash.

What do these crashes look like? More than a display driver failure. For instance, if I play some video or music in the background, I'd expect a failed graphics driver to make the screen go dark and still hear sounds in the background, but this is not the case. The system seems to completely trip.

I could list my parts, but as I've said, they've all been replaced and I still have this issue. I'm so puzzled!

Parts list, if it makes any difference (yes, they're old):
-MSI Z68A-GD65 (tested with idenitcal 1-for-1 replacement)
-i5 2500k (tested with a Celeron too)
-Some old RipJaw 2.2V RAM (tested with some new 1.35 V RAM)
-NVIDIA GTX 690 (the GTX 590 is the card that crapped out)
-Corsair 750W single rail power supply (tested with a new Thermaltake 750W PSU as well). The system should only require ~500W supply based on my estimates.

What do you think could possibly be going on ?!?

Update: The integrated graphics now work...
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