Question Computer Crashes While Streaming

Jun 17, 2020
Computer Type: Desktop Ryzen 2.

GPU: GeForce 1060 6GB.

CPU: 3700x, base settings. Using the original cooler.

Motherboard: Aorus Elite B450.

RAM: Viper Blackout 3600 17CL overclocked to 3733 16CL, at 1.4V. Can provide more information if asked.

PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 650W Gold. UPS is 650VA.

Case: Base 600 Be Quiet, one fan at front one at rear?

Operating System & Version: I.E. Windows 10, 1909 update.

GPU Drivers: GeForce 446.14

Chipset Drivers: AMD Chipset Software

Background Applications: Streamlabs OBS + game + RTX Voice (with the changed key to work on non-RTX and with lower CPU usage), Steam, Firefox with 9 or so tabs, a game.

Description of Original Problem: While streaming (and recording at the same time) video games, my computer would crash with no apparent reason. No blue screen, no error messages, nothing.
My computer has passed stress tests successfully.

There are also some mini-freezes when opening new folders, or switching within folders in Windows Explorer, but I chalked that down to Windows Explorer being silly.

Troubleshooting: Thought it was due to updating my drivers recently, so used a system restore to revert to the situation before updating my drivers, or at least as far back as it allowed. Also had issues with an uninterrupted power source that had issues when touched, so thought I touched it while streaming without noticing, so replaced it.

You can see my HWInfo64 log from the last session before the computer crashed a second time tonight. The only thing I can think of, unless anyone can find something that's not right in the logs, is PSU?

Googling, is it my UPS being too small for my peak draw, which calculating online is about 500W, which would require 800 VA? Should I try just connecting to the socket instead of the UPS?
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