Computer crashes with more than 2 sticks of memory.. help friends!!

Feb 18, 2018
It used to work well for almost 2 years but yesterday a friend of mine gave me a graphics card because I had the onboard graphics all this time so I decided to install it but the computer didn't turn on for quite some time with it and I thought the PSU or the motherboard died. Lucky it turned on without the graphics card but I got an error saying "Overclock failed press f1 to enter BIOS", long story short I did reset the BIOS and I managed to start the computer but I couldn't boot in windows. I did install them again and noticed when I had all 3 sticks of memory on board, it either didn't boot or it log onto windows and crashed after less than 10 seconds with system restart or BSOD..

Now I have it with only 2 sticks and it works fine until now, I have disk defragment running so it uses the ram and loads it, but it might happen again.

What do you suggest to do?

Here are my specs:
M/B: Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
RAM: 6GB (1 pair of 1333mhz and 1 different of 1600mhz =3x2GB)
CPU: Intel Pentium G620@ 2,60Ghz
GPU: Inter HD Graphics 2000 (On-Board)
OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
PSU: 450W


Test all 3x sticks alone, and also test all 4 slots. Sounds like 1 will fail. It happens. Sometimes reseating the ram is all that's required, it'll re-scratch the pins on the ram. Sometimes it's a slot that's not working right, so any ram on it fails.

Only by running the full test of what's what with all the sticks/slots will you be able to say for sure if either 1 slot is bad or 1 stick. If it's just 1 stick, replace it with another or another set, if it's the 1 slot, use the other 3 until the mobo fails entirely.

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