Question Computer Crashing Under Load

Jan 3, 2020
Computer Hardware
(Reset, replugged in all hardware to made sure it wasn't loose)
Motherboard : ROG-STRIX-B350-F-GAMING (Up To Date)
CPU: Amd Ryzen 5 1600x
Gpu Red Devil - Powercolor RX 5700 XT ( Varying drivers from explanations later) Used single cable split and two independent pcie cables during testing.
(Reset it in the slot and two the second slot on motherboard)
OS: Windows 10 Pro 18363
Ram: 32 GB, 16GB, - Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 (2133) Stock in Bios. Used single channel and Dual channel during testing
No SSD, Used Different clean HHD's.
PSU: Used two different psu's most likely not psu issue a 600w and 750w.

Monitor : Display Port cable, 120hz 1920x1080, VG248. Asus
Gpu slider on OC, And Silent physical button.
Bios has been set on stock, oc and underclocked.

Software Used for bench marking and monitoring.
MSI Afterburner
to monitor temps, didn't overheat - And only used MSI on latest 5700 drivers as Msi has issue with earlier iterations.
Temps are under 80c while gaming,
Furmark,Memtest,WMDT, Heaven valley, 3d MARK
Radeon software
to underclock gpu

DDU And CCLeaner

Drivers were uninstalled with DDU,
And normally via display adapters, in safemode and without internet from previously downloaded verisons. Ranging from 19.12.3- to 12.1 and 19.9.2 - All Had same Issue.

Power settings Set to high performance, balanced and ryzen specific- All with hardisk never turning off and link state power management to off.

Also Have done SFC/ Drive Checks.

((ISSUE. ))
Black Screening (Loss of Monitor) Only during gaming or launch of certain programs.
This issue happens entirely in VR, As I own a valve index and upon games ranging from instant to 30 minutes or an hour- A loud buzz from my headset speakers, NOT from pc and then a monitor turn off and my usb does aswell, unable to do anything else but manually press the power button. After that I have no crash indication on my startup, and pc boots normally as if it nothing happened.

Event Viewer Errors
41 -Kernel Power.

Bad Motherboard or bad config? or Faulty Gpu, (Perhaps super unstable drivers or just bad hardware?)
Jan 3, 2020
Ah well.. After many tedious hours, a secondary reinstall of window with no other drivers installed besides amd and steam, reverting to factory bios prior update; And cleaning each dimm slot, and replacing power cables my pc has not crashed under load since.