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Question Computer Crashing

Jul 11, 2020
Hello Everyone and thanks in advance for the advice

So I recently just build a brand new PC for the first time and everything seemed smooth but i noticed a couple of issues,

Build: Asus Tuf Gaming X570 Motherboard, Ryzen 5 3600, XFX 5700xt GPU, 16gb Ram Corsair Vengence Pro, Corsair 750W Plus Gold PSU

1. On the Startup before computer loads, it gives me "The system has only detected a single 4-pin connected for the CPU> It is recommended to connect both the 8 pin and 4 pin power plugs for system stability and to prevent the motherboard from overheating under heavy usage.

2. My PC crashes while i'm gaming. About 10-15 minutes in. One game of warzone and it crashes.
- I also heard that manually tuning your GPU is better for the 5700Xt but i'm not really sure WHAT to tune.

Not sure if the 2 are correlated but any advice would be great to resolve these issues! Thanks for the help!


Apr 5, 2020
im not an expert but i think that all the power should be connected.Whether we are talking GPU power cables,cpu power cables,motherboard power cables they should all be connected as much as are needed.I've heard that not plugging the right amount of cpu power cables can result in worse performance since not enough power is delivered to the cpu,and as the error said overheating.Im pretty sure that your 750W unit should have 4+4pin cables for CPU so make sure to plugg them in to your TUF mobo which requires both 4pin cpu power cables plugged in.
May 5, 2020
I recommend you to unplug and plug all the PSU cables - probably you did not plug them properly, but you should not force them too much either.

If you are not well-acquainted to GPU overclocking/undervolting, I recommend you to study a little bit more about it.