Computer Cycling Issue


Jan 23, 2011

I built a computer for a friend. Worked splendidly for 8 or so months and now it wont turn on. It just cycles on and off without ever reaching post. There are no error codes and no beeps.

So far I have removed everything and breadboarded it to test each individually. I took out everything but the CPU and motherboard and had only them connected to power. In this instance I get 3 short beeps which should indicate a memory issue according to the AMI beeps. If I put the RAM single stick at a time in I no longer get any beep codes at all. However, I put the ram in a working system and ran MemTest on them and they worked just fine according to that and the other system. I also followed the instructions in this thread:

I have also connected each piece individually to another working system and each has worked just fine (This includes power supply, Graphics Card, RAM).

I thought it might be a PSU issue, but even that loaded up the other system okay (I know that doesn't really mean much).

I also used a working PSU in the machine that keeps cycling and still only received the cycling, no beeps unless only the motherboard is plugged in.

I feel like this is a motherboard issue and he will have to replace that, but i just wanted to make sure others agreed with me before I have him go dish out more money. I also am not sure if I should have him replace the power supply as well as I don't know why the mobo would randomly stop working like that? Does anyone have any suggestions?

System specs are:
Z77A-G45 Motherboard (MS-7752 Ver. 1.1)
i5-3450 (1155)
G-skill Ripjaws X 8gb
MSI Geforce GTX560 TI (M2D1GD5/OC)
and a MODXSTREAM-Pro from OCZ 600W psu