Computer desk enclosure poll


Mar 8, 2009
Just wondering, I have a computer desk with a spot specifically for the computer to go. It's a small compartment with just enough room for the computer with a door. Is it a good idea to keep my rig in there in terms of heat management? Do you think it makes it worse being in the small compacted area?
It wouldn't be so bad for a low power system as long as there was some circulation - especially with the warm air being drawn off and cool air let in. I've seen and read of people adding a small fan to the desk for that very reason (powered off the PC power supply).

Though it's especially not something you'd want to do for a nice high powered gaming system.
^+1. As long as you got air moving you should be OK. It's usually a bad idea to put the PC in a closed space. You may want to look in to WC (mount rad out side, and add a 120mm to the closed space to exhaust air.)


I faced that with a new system, including a new desk. The desk was in a box, all assembly required. I did not install the hinged front door on the computer compartment. Moreover, that compartment was supposed to have a fake wood panel nailed onto the back - it looks good and provides some structural rigidity to keep the desk from distorting from a right rectangle to a parallelogram. I searched around and found in the modular shelving department of a home handyman store a shelf made of steel rod stock and covered with white plastic, and just the right size to cover the back of the computer cubbyhole in place of the fake wood panel. A few mounting brackets and screws later, it's in place on the back. It contributes the structural rigidity the desk backplane needs, but is totally open for air flow to the back of the 'puter. And a bonus - it provides completely open access to feed multiple cables into the back of the computer from behind the desk.