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Jan 25, 2023
sorry if this is the wrong section, but i've been trying to buy a computer desk in this configuration:

and i see that the weight capacity listed ni the picture for the side shelf where the pc tower sits is 25lbs, this can't be right? nowadays pc towers weight anywhere from 30-40lbs. are they just listing 25lbs to be safe? how are they testing the weight capacity? do they put a 25lb dumbell on it and it just breaks? i am very doubtful of that.

i don't understand why they can't list proper real world weight capacity so we can make informed purchases
Jan 25, 2023
"This writing desk ships ready to assemble "

This is not a good "computer desk".

Where does it say "25 lbs"?
do you people have selective reading? it says computer desk in the title of the product. all of these desk formats are computer desks. they're saying it can be used for writing. the shelves are designed so the parition can be removed and a pc put on that.

why did i even bother coming here. it seems no one has any clue or experience about anything other than overpriced consoomer garbage standing desks that cost 500 dollars


Nov 30, 2021
Yeah, I apologize, I have had an issue reading english lately and comprehending what I am reading.

They are misleading you; I can see that now. My umbrage is unbridled at this point.
Jan 25, 2023
them saying it can be used for all kinds of tasks isn't really that misleading. my first computer desk was a 35" particle board desk with probably 50lb capacity max meant for students to study and do homework on. the top is a bit bendy from years of having those old heavy crt monitors on it. needless to say i put the pc tower on the floor. these new desks even thought they are cheap are actually much stronger with higher grade engineered wood, and the reviews confirm the ~200lb top capacity boast. i am just extremely confused why the side shelves would have such low capacity when it's using the same metal frame support system and the same type of wood. i was just wondering if anyone else had any knowledge or experience on what the issue is, perhaps they meant for it to be 25kgs?

furniture is all online now so i can't go to a physical store to test them. best buy and places like that have a small stock of 30 inch glass computer desks and things like that, so i have to buy them online shipped to my house. i would rather get all the information right before i commit. there are actually other desks of similar format with 44lb capacity which makes sense for a modern pc tower. the only difference is the metal support stuts are front and back instead of on the side of the side shelves. but this means i have to tie some strings or nets on the side to keep it from falling i ncase of an earthquake. i'd rather get the specific type in the amazon link.

this desk says 44lb side shelf capacity but it looks nearly identical:


Would you prefer if they said their particle board folding table could hold 400kg (881lbs)?

If you want sturdy, go on Craigslist and get a Tanker Desk. You can put a 100lb PC inside the typewriter storage compartment. This is the type of desk they were thinking of when they told you to get under one in case of earthquake or nuclear attack. Just be aware that such a solid steel desk weighs around 200lbs so you'd better have a way to carry it home.


Mar 25, 2010
it's in the pictures it shows top capacity is 198lbs and side shelves re 25lbs. that can't be right? and this desk advertised as a gamer desk only has 22lb pc tower capacity:
They can say it's anything in the description to get sales, there is no law that describes what companies can call a "gaming desk" or "computer desk". Anything you can stick a computer on can be a computer desk. The desks you linked are built with weaker woods and metals, usually particleboard, and smaller screws and mounting points. The medals are weaker and easy to bend, hollow tubes mostly. The shelf should hold a PC tower though, just don't push on it much.
this is not a computer desk at all.
not even designed for basic computer usage.
doesn't matter what the description or title states, this a very basic office desk.

i would not recommend for anything heavier than a laptop and/or monitor placement.
this is actually a computer desk as you can see there is a generic gaming tower already sitting on the side.
unless you have a very heavy system this would be sufficient.
furniture is all online now
Office Depot and even Big Lots usually have some somewhat decent options available there to see & try out.

i just bought my mother a computer desk from Big Lots a few months ago that has a very heavy Corsair 500R build sitting on it and it's fine.
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