Question Computer "died" just now


Jan 25, 2018
Hi, I have a dedicated computer for my media centre, connected to my TV so I can watch all my content on the big TV rather than on my smaller monitor. Well, as I was working on my media centre this morning, the TV screen went dead and the power on the computer kept cycling on and off. I took it apart, pulled out all the plugs, and powered it up again and the same thing kept happening. Then, I unplugged my CPU power plug on the mb and the computer booted up normally (though at this point I didn't have the TV connected so I couldn't see what's going on). Seems that when I plug in the power supply to the CPU it continues to cycle on and off. If I unplug it, it sounds like it's booting up fine. Does this mean my CPU has died, or my motherboard has died?

System: MSI B250M PRO-VD (a few years old)
CPU can't remember, it's been several years, I'd had to remove the fan to find out

Does this sound familiar to anyone?