Computer Dieing a Slow and Painful Death?


Mar 29, 2006
Basically, ive come to a simple conclusion my computer is slowly dieing. Ive got a:

A64 Venice - "no oc"
2 x 512 Muskin Redline Ram
1 x 120 GB WD SATA
1 x 120 GB Maxtor IDE
1 x 200 GB Seagate SATA
1 x 300 GB Seagate Sata
1 x 400 GB Seagate Sata (Yeah i know..)
Windows XP
Antec True Power 500w PSU
Thermal Take Armour Case

So basically im fed up with this. Three days ago, one of my drives begun making a very unhealthy clunking noise. I mean very unhealthy. Performance slowed to a crawl, so i ran a chkdsk on my drives, no problems. Still the bloody clunking noise, so i isolate it to my 200 gb HD, i unplug it. Im kinda confused its less then a year old. No real time to think about it ive got work. So i leave my computer on, come back to find my computer totally unresponsive. I reboot, it, i go about my merry way. About 45 minutes into gaming, the computer sounds like its powering down (fans stop etc) and it totally locks up. I reboot, run chkdsk, run memtest, everything seems fine. I recheck all my connections everything is good. Then i start noticing alot of my sata drives begin to appear and disapper. Basically i'll be browsing, suddenly everything comes to a bloody crawl, i wait it out, and windows basically seems like it redetects one of my sata drives. Which is totally at random. Afterwords, the drives start to make a clunking sound (Brand new drives 1 month old) If i tap them, the clunking stops for a little bit, then comes back.

This all started after i reformated, i had no issues like this before i reformatted. So im basically at a loss for words. Im not exactly sure whats going on, im tired and frusturated. So if anyone can help reply to this topic or add me to aim UberJumper2k. Thanks.


try running with only the system drive. It could be a bad power supply, hence the sata drives coming in and out.
Run one drive only and see if the slow downs persist. if not then add one drive untill the problems start up again.