Question Computer does not display. No beep codes. Lights on.

Jul 28, 2020
I recently moved a bunch of PC components from one case to another. The computer worked perfectly beforehand. After completing the process and turning the computer on, there was no display. The lights of the MOBO turned on, the lights on the GPU turned on, and the fans started spinning.

The monitor definitely works and I tried two different ports. Reseated memory and all that to no avail. Retried power cables to no success. I don't see how the PSU could have failed as there's no reason it should be damaged and it is high quality with plenty of wattage. Also tried just taking out the GPU and running on the integrated graphics but that didn't solve the issue either. It isn't the motherboard since we ended up replacing it and getting the same issue.

The only other thing I've been seeing to cause the issue is a dead CPU but it worked fine before and we never interacted with it when moving the computer because there was no need.

After all this, it turns on but displays nothing and I'm unsure why. Any ideas?

The board is an Asus ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming and it has an i7-8700k processor.


Apr 4, 2019
you probably forgot to plus the 6 or 8 pin power cable to the graphics card

that, or there is a short somewhere (a screw behind the motherboard for exemple)

i would remove the mother board from the case and put it on a carton box, install minimal things, psu, graphics card, keyboard , and test if the thing POSTs

you can start the motherboard out of a case by puting the head of a screwdriver to the pins corresponding to the "power switch".