Question Computer doesn’t turn on properly, could it be my motherboard?

Aug 16, 2019
I built my first PC about a month ago and while I was doing it I scratched the far right side of the motherboard exposing some wiring . It looked benign so I just continued assembling the PC. Now here I am a month later and the PC always goes to the motherboard splash screen (which says press DEL or F2 to open BIOS, but neither of those buttons do anything). At this point I have to manually restart my computer. The computer then boots up the mobo splash screen for a second before opening to windows, and during the restart process the CPU fan sounds like it jumps up to 20000 RPMs (just for a split second); it doesn’t sound healthy. I’ve had to do this every time I start my computer (60 times give or take). Once the PC is started however, everything seems to work fine (except for the fact that every time it wakes after sleeping it refuses to recognize the Ethernet cable). I was hoping the problem would resolve itself but it hasn’t, so I just disassembled it. Now I would like to know A) has this been slowly harming my PCs components? and B) does a scratch on the mobo a possible cause of the troubles I’ve been having?