Question Computer doesn't power up

Jan 3, 2020
Intel Core i5 9600k
Asus Z170-a
Radeon R9 390
x2 8gb Corsair vengeance RAM
EVGA 500w power supply

My computer one day just completely shut its self off in the middle of use. I tried turning it back on but there was no post at all. I had a red CPU_LED that was glowing on the motherboard, but all the fans on the computer still ran when I powered it up. After diagnosing the problem for faulty parts figured out my CPU is no longer working. So I went out and got a new cpu(i5 9600k). But when I put this CPU into my computer it's still lifeless. Unlike the previous CPU when I turn on the computer with the new cpu in, nothing happens. No fans turn on or anything, it's as if I never even clicked the power button. I'm not sure what I should do next. Maybe it's my motherboard but I get green lights for the power LEDs. My ram and all my cords are working and plugged in as well. Not sure where to go next with this, any advice or tips are appreciated!