Question Computer doesn't turn on for mysterious reasons.


Dec 9, 2018
This happens every time I don't turn my computer on for a few weeks in a row. I'll come home and it doesn't turn on. I then have to unplug and plug in the connection between the power supply and my motherboard for it to work. Sometimes I have to try this multiple times until it finally turns on again and is good to go until my next leave of absence. Any idea why this happens?

Another oddity I've come across is the SATA ports for my drives. My computer will only power on if my HDD is plugged into the third SATA port. For background, I used to use the HDD as my boot drive. It was always the third port. I then reformatted and introduced an SSD to hold my OS. I wasn't able to turn the computer on with the SSD in the third SATA port, but once I switched the HDD back to the third and put the SSD in the first, it turned on and booted from the SSD even though it had previously booted from the HDD in the third port. This one is an even bigger "power on" mystery than the first for me.