Question Computer doesn't turn on unless I unplug & replug power cable

Nov 19, 2019
Hi There. There's a problem with my computer. Before 6 month ago system shutted down. Never ran for a while. (2-3 weeks) It looked like there was no electricity. After a few weeks i tried again. And there was electricity but with problems.

When i click to power button pc shuts down after 2-3 seconds. I think it cuts off the current. That's the main problem. I tried somethings to fix it. I couldnt fix the problem but i found a way to run my computer. :) Let me explain how i do this.

  1. Unpluging Power cable.
  2. Clicking power button. (When no cable connected, lights of case are on and turn off immediately. I believe motherboard release the all electricity it carried.)
  3. Plugging power cable
  4. Clicking power button.
  5. In that point im facing a message. "Please enter setup to recover bios settings" Press F1.
  6. Pressing F1, entering bios. clicking Esc and exiting without save.
  7. Windows loads.
every time i follow these. It's ok. I'm used to this. I can live with this but need to enable Hyber-V.

+I changed motherboard's battery. | did not work.
  • Unplugged all usb | didnt work.
  • cleaned dusts | didnt work.
  • i unplugged everything i can. didnt work.
there is no external GPU (it was the first thing that broken).

Here is the information about the computer
UEFI Boot: Not Present
Secure Boot: Not Present
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language (x64) Build 17763.864 (1809/RS5)
Motherboard Model: ASUS P8Z68-V PRO
Motherboard Chipset: Intel Z68 (Cougar Point) [B3]

And this is the link i get full report from HWInfo:

Thank you.