Question Computer failing please help!


Feb 24, 2018
When I start up the PC, the lights and fans turn on however the keyboard, mouse, and monitors do not work/display anything. Every blue moon it starts up fine given a good time for it to work (still rarely). I have tried restarting CMOS by removing the battery for 15 minutes, using one RAM stick at a time, using integrated graphics only, holding the power button with the psu unplugged, and just about everything except bench test b/c idk how to. This has started in the last 2 weeks and before that everything was working just fine and I havent switched anything out or what not. When I used 1 RAM stick at a time, it has worked only twice and has not worked since (I have tried every slot with all 4 sticks I have). The cpu and mobo arent burnt, no capacitors are broken either. I have a power surge protector for my pc.
What I have gathered from my troubleshooting: •Most likely not PSU since all fans and hdd turn on
•Not storage since without it them installed no POST code appears
•Not GPU since it doesnt boot on integrated graphics
•Likely Mobo, RAM, or CPU
•or PSU isnt enough but should be

Any input is appreciated! This things a pain in my side I just wanna game