Question Computer Fails to Boot & Crashes


Jul 30, 2014
I just built a new computer and I'm having a few issues I've never dealt with in the past. Most concerning is the computer boots about 1 out of 4 times. The other times the hdd button on the case is solid red and I can't even get into bios. I'll have to unplug/plug back in several times before it will boot.

I ran memtest86 for 45 minutes without any problems.

userbenchmark gives me decent results:
UserBenchmarks: Game 111%, Desk 136%, Work 125%
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - 93.3%
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070S (Super) - 112.4%
SSD: Samsung 970 Evo NVMe PCIe M.2 500GB - 298.1%
SSD: Samsung 840 Evo 250GB - 99.6%
HDD: Hitachi HDS723015BLA642 1.5TB - 35.2%
USB: WD Elements 1TB - 19.4%
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V DDR4 3200 C16 4x16GB - 86.7%
MBD: MSI X570-A PRO (MS-7C37)

Prime95 crashes the entire computer before it even begins.

I'm running the latest bios on the x570. Not sure what is causing the boot issue or the prime95 crash. I've tried two different power supplies with the same issue. Any help would be appreciated.