Computer fans start up, then turn off, then start again.


Jul 8, 2016
Hey guys! I've been having a problem with my new build. I wanted to see if I could get some assistance here.

When Windows 10 was installing, it got stuck for about 3 1/2 hours at 50%. I turned the computer off, in an attempt to restart the installation. I ended up getting my Windows 7 CD out and started to install Windows 7. I let it go overnight while I slept. When I woke up, the computer was off. I turned it on and the fans would start to turn on, then it'd go off, and I'd hear a beep. A second or two later, it'd repeat the process, except without the beep. This would go on indefinitely, unless I turned off my PSU manually or pulled the plug from the outlet. My friend helped me build it, and this happened before. He reseated the CPU and it booted properly. I tried it myself and because I'm a dumb-dumb, I bent three pins on the mobo.

Any idea on if this is the mobo? I think it might either be the mobo or the PSU, but I'm not entirely sure. Is it worth it to attempt to bend back the pins on the mobo, or just buy a new one? (I bought the mobo used off of /r/hardwareswap.

Thanks a lot guys. I wish I could've joined this community on better terms, but it just happened to be when I have this issue.

Thanks again!



Bent CPU pins are almost always going to have to see the exact issue as you've stated above. There are ways you could straighten the bent pins but it's best not to do what you're not comfortable in. The best solution would be find a replacement board since bent CPU pins by end user aren't covered under warranty aka user inflicted damages.

Though in retrospect it's kind of hard to exactly pin the blame on the board since you haven't stated the full system's specs.

In the spirit of disclosure, I'd ask you to contact the bloke who sold you the board and ask if there was any issue of sorts...if there was and he's lying then forget about and move on. If he's truthful, well, then move on ;)

You could also try bread boarding your system and see if the system behaves this way since a grounding issue can also lead to the system not delivering a display.

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