Computer fell down now has performance issues PLEASE HELP:(

Feb 9, 2019
I've built up quite the gaming desktop over the past few months .
Last night, while cleaning the apt, the computer fell about 2 ft onto Laminate flooring :(.. it hit pretty hard.
I checked over it visually and found no damage to anything like my CPU, GPU, MOBO, RAM, or my power supply. I made sure all the connections were solid. It powered on. Everything seems fine, it lets me log in to windows. I get to my home screen where it boots up all your stuff like Mozilla fire fox, driver supporters, steam, etc but it runs EXTREMELY SLOW. Judging from my performance monitor that boots first automatically my CPU is fine, my RAM is working, it seems like all my important hardware is fine. But everything's unresponsive. I can't open anything but task manager an that can take 15 minutes.
I checked my performance thru task manager, everything's running fine but I noticed my C drive was at 100% and the speed was jumping between 0 and 500+ then 0 and 1000+ It seems to be rubber banding of sorts on the speed
I'm thinking my c drive HDD is smoked.. but idk honestly. What do you think?

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